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Département: Economie et méthodes quantitatives
Fonction: Directeur
Grade: Maître de conférence
Téléphone: 216 71 588 514
  • Théorie des graphe
  • Interfaces homme-machine

Travaux de recherche

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    Ali Louati, Saber Darmoul, Sabeur Elkosantini, Lamjed Ben Said
  • Handling time-varying constraints and objectives in dynamic evolutionary multi-objective optimization. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation 39: 222-248 (2018)
    Radhia Azzouz, Slim Bechikh, Lamjed Ben Said, Walid Trabelsi
  • Emotional Dynamics and Coping Mechanisms to Generate Human-Like Agent Behaviors. Applied Artificial Intelligence 31(5-6): 472-492 (2017)
    Mouna Belhaj, Fahem Kebair, Lamjed Ben Said